S.L.A.P. Pitches A Shutout With The Hit Single Home Run

S.L.A.P.  also known as Something Like A Playa strives to get on base by hitting the ball over the plate.

His rhymes are the roar of the crowd, they chant what he says and they move to the way the beat screams from the speakers.

S.L.A.P. music takes the strength of the tree of truth and gives a reason to be explored by all. He has performed with the heavyweights of the game today such as Future, T-Pain and more! He has put on the glove of hip hop on his hand and uses it to catch the power of what the crowd loves with music today. He will pitch the music to the masses, get a home run and be part of the record books.

He will change music as a whole and elevate the masses with his unique brand of music that not only will be a base hit for others but create a team of winners.

When you have a chance, check out his pages and listen to his sound cloud as he has winners in there and watch as history is created with the music from S.L.A.P.

Mating Season Album Cover

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