Tighten The Headphones As The Song Focus Makes You Lose Control

Two Times! Darn! Three times! Darn! Four times!

Really hard to keep these headphones on as I’m jamming to Brandon Soto’s epic hit Focus.

Open your arms and pull the reigns in as this song just breathes music and all its fundamentals!

I just remind myself that losing control while jamming to a song is alright and should be done on a permanent basis. Music today just doesn’t have much soul, much heart and much rock left in there. Brandon Soto’s Sounds of Sovereignty just screams to tear the void music on the radio has left behind.

This song should be on every rock station and help open the machine that holds us all and left the real us escape and enjoy truly amazing music! Swirl the colors round and swim past the lily pads, renew your faith in music as I have after listening to Focus!

Get this song now! BUY IT NOW!


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