Free Promotion For Sound Cloud Users

Yes you heard me! Drop The Spotlight and Street Dreamz Radio will be choosing a musician with a valid Sound Cloud account and a good song to be heard by a new market of people.

Drop the Spotlight will be doing a future big contest where one of the steps is to listen to a song from Sound Cloud and optional follow to your Sound Cloud page.

You are guaranteed for your song to get heard and there is an option where if they like your song, they can follow you or not in the contest.

This market of people are sweepers and are very dedicated so if they like you they will share and if its shared, you will get new listeners in a market that is hardly untouched by the music industry.

So what do you have to do in order to be in this contest?

  1. Like #SDR FB page
  2. Like Drop The Spotlight FB page
  3. Both Pages must be liked in order for you to be entered and accepted into the contest
  4. On the pinned post on either #SDR or Drop the Spotlight FB pages, post your Sound Cloud Link and One song you would want to be played.
  5. After you do this, your in the contest.

This contest will go on until Sunday, Dec 6th at 5pm. Winner will be chosen by random and winner will be tagged and highlighted by both #SDR and Drop the Spotlight. Winner will then be put into Gleam Contest later in the week by Drop The Spotlight. This contest is for all artists, so try it out, you may be a winner and get your music heard.



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