Pour the Octane Into the Revving Beast of Sounds of Sovereignty Debut Album Culmination

The sounds of a highway full of traffic at night with bright headlights and overturning highways of Texas summers.

Out comes a beast that is rare, that is something that is unheard of in today’s society, a beast with octane breathing riffs and lyrics that crunch the leaves under the tires.

Sounds of Sovereignty debut album Culmination brings hard rock back in the ears of highly drought stricken ears of music fans.

The sounds of the music brings some great guitar work with some easy drum beats that keep the music at an arm’s length of the grassy knoll.

I enjoyed this whole debut album, I’m a big fan of hard rock music and I admit this is something I can put on my usb and jam when I’m cruising to work, cruising to school and just damn cruising. My favorite song from this masterpiece is That Place, just feels like something can be a background song to a highlight in life through jump of a hurdle.

Head over to Sounds of Sovereignty REVERBNATION and SOUNDCLOUD here and introduce yourself to there music and enjoy the music and hear something that is missing in radio. Climb down the hole and take a listen to this amazing debut album of Sounds of Sovereignty and tell yourself, how did you live today when you first heard this?



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