Look At The Menu and See What C-Stud Vill Brings to The Hip Hop Game

The stove turns on and a flame bursts out as the recipe master of lyrics chops up some flows ready to be cooked in the pan of beats.

Loads and Loads of flows enter the pan being cooked and readied to precise taste of the individual listener.

C-Stud Vill brings out a 5 star meal of music to the fans where you want the best and expect the best, then you are given the best. Music flows like gravy on the turkey and beats smooth to the touch of a glass of Merlot.

C-Stud Vill brings the best out of San Antonio and introduces to the world of how you should enjoy your music and get to the basics with an all scratched meal.

I fully enjoyed the songs Be tru to the game, Let my Trunk Beat, and Y’all Aint ready *remix*. The music is great and puts the seal of grade A music from San Antonio.

Here is C-Stud Vill FACEBOOK PAGE, INSTAGRAM PAGE, SOUNDCLOUD PAGE, YOUTUBE PAGE, AND TWITTER PAGE. Like all his pages and support his movement by buying his music off of GOOGLE PLAY and APPLE ITUNES.

The pot is stirring and almost done and get ready to enjoy your meal full of treats and check out C-Studd Vill and be stuffed with the goodness of music.


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