The Internet Broke With The Release of Internet’s Best Rapper by Young T The Messenger

The ultimate end of the Internet came with the release of Internet’s Best Rapper on website. Young T The Messenger brings his destroyer of worlds rhymes with beats that make you close your eyes to breathe it in. 

The music is quite different and has many styles attached to each song, yes you heard me, I said each song. The songs are unique with stories to tell and the stories keep the flames going during the campfire at the camp site.

The song Mi Amor just bangs the wall hard and just make it awesome that way. The way it grooves helps make it fun and enjoyable. Lullaby to the Game, 630, Mentally Awake and My philosophy are just so great, so different and the lyrically, just stories about life and stories of how the world revolves around Young T The Messenger.

Get out there and download this mixtape HERE and enjoy it, drink with it and talk with buddies with it, a great way to chill and relax.


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