Obeezy Narrates The Sad Truth Through The Lenses of Mortality

When you hear a beat, you know a song is going to good to chill to and nod your head. When you hear the first few bars of the lyrics, you then say, “Wow?!, let me replay that part again.”

Obeezy nails it on the coffin and speaks to the masses with this hit song. You listen and wonder, where the hell has this song been hiding at? Where did this song come from? Why is this song speaking to me!

I truly dig this song as a person that personally can’t fit in many places because of the words I say, the way I elevate myself, and the way I don’t understand why people are idiots at the wrong time and wrong place and still find a way to blame others than themselves. This song is good version of the stories you hear in the world but people can’t find the words to let people know about. Obeezy has found those words and made this song not only a hit but song that generations can get behind and rise from the ashes. Listen now on this post and then Follow his FB and SOUNDCLOUD and enjoy music that will open your eyes and your soul.


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