Witness The Gift Showcased With Hood Soulja’s Loyal 2the Game Demo 2 Mixtape

Anti-Social! Enough Said, I have this track on repeat as I am drawn to this song. The lyrics, the feel of emotion, and attitude all displayed on this track hit me hard. I had to walk a few steps before continuing writing right now.

I downloaded this mixtape by Loyal 2the Game from Datpiff.com and this new mixtape which dropped today is called DEMO 2. I opened this gift and and explored the songs. I was hit with so many songs that took my breath away and reminded me of good times back in the day.

These songs speak from the truth, no cover and lets it all loose with blowing paper in the air. Anti Social, Play Wit, Aint Nva Gone Be, Fucked Up, and Gun Range had my me going wow! This mixtape has something for everyone, something that should be heard, and lyrically speaks to you in ways education institutions should be teaching.

Download this Mixtape Here, burn it to a cd or put on a usb, drive around your city with the windows down and play this mixtape in its entirety while cruising. You will be given a lesson on how the world can be, is now, and could be with this mixtape.


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