As The Apocalypse Turns with Z Nation

As television stations are exploring ways to beef up television shows, SyFy has hit a home run with Z Nation. 

Many people have groaned oh another horror show or oh another zombie show, haven’t quite caught a glimpse of Z Nation. This show isn’t our normal horror show and its even close to being a normal zombie show *like what is a normal zombie show anyway*, but has slowly started created a fan base that has taken viewers away from their shows to this awesome show.

The backbone of this show is Murphy, he is the cure to all of man kind, but this guy really wants to do is relax and play some cards. He is part of a mission led by Warren, 10K, Doc, and Addy. There were more in the show but you know how it goes, sometimes life takes and life grants.

This show has its up and down but the aspect that attracts many people to this show is creativity. There are zombie strippers, funny comedy in a horror and zombie show i know, and getting into situations that sometimes you can’t see on other shows. This show has its own aura and its own distinct flavor that many will fall in love and want to watch over and over again. This show is on Friday nights on SyFy channel starting at 9pm but if you want to start from the beginning, Netflix has the first season on there as well.


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