Free Slots on a Compilation CD With Various Artists

Many hip hop or Rap artists always want to get known, want to get there music out there but sometimes there isn’t a way to get there.

Many yearn for there music to be heard, and hope that one song could make the difference on how they are either percieved or achieved by the various members of there small circle.

How about changed that small circle to the thousands of hungry listeners that want to hear new music? Well here is your chance…


Free slots for this compilation mixtape!!! Submit your hip hop/R&B mp3 tracks to to be considered on this CD. Only 15 slots available!!! Explicit accepted. Must be mastered or best sound quality, mp3 & deadline is Oct 31st. Will be posted on Coast 2 Coast DJ’s, Nerve DJ’s, Core DJ’s, Datpiff, Audiomack, SoundCloud & 5 other sites…
Label email: SDR2


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