Upcoming dates for Events

Here are some tentative dates for events, more can be added or corrected but so far these are the events Alcohaul will be doing and Drop the Spotlight will be doing some of these events providing items for giveaways!

7/17/15 (THIS Friday) 3pm – 8pm Aspen Heights Hookah event
7/25/15 (Saturday) 1pm – 5pm Aspen or LUXX pool party pump up event for Rock the Block
8/1/15 (Saturday) 5pm-? @ The Block “Rock the Block”
8/15/15 (Saturday) 3pm – 6pm @?? “The Greek Games” Frat drinking/driving awareness event.
8/21/15 (Friday) 2pm-? @Aspen Pool “Back to school bash”
8/22/15 (Saturday) 5pm-? @ The Block “Rock the Block”
These dates are tentative and may change or things added them. Will be editing this with either more information or more things to add.
If your in the area come out, have fun and check out these fun events!


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