Alcohaul and Drop the Spotlight Bring you Giveaways and Promotions

What is Alcohaul? What is Drop the Spotlight? Why do I need to know about them? Here is all the information you need to know

AlcOhaul is a company providing a safer alternative to drinking and driving. We deliver alcohol, tobacco, food, and party supplies to people of legal drinking/smoking age. Our goal is to encourage safe consumption of alcohol and ELIMINATE drinking and driving. As a students in college, we can confirm that drinking and driving is a serious problem, and not just in college. It puts everyone at an unnecessary risk. AlcOhaul plans to join forces with alcohol awareness programs such as MADD, and SADD. Because lives are lost everyday due to drinking and driving, it is a serious vision to grow this company as quickly as possible.

Drop The Spotlight is a promotional / Ad company that works with many local and national brands to bring you awareness of the brands. This includes promotional items talking about companies such as freebies, sweepstakes, giveaways and more to help you not only try and learn about the products but one day become a solid figure as a customer for those companies. I want the world to know how small local business can transform and become part of culture by the familarity a person can show through social media. I want to bring that out about San Antonio and surrounding areas and world wide companies as well. Drop the Spotlight is a leader on showcasing new music artists and information about them to help promote their mix tapes, albums on iTunes, music videos and more.

So together we bring awareness to both brands and help cross promote each other to bring not only new faces to each companies eyes but a more broad appeal for all people of San Antonio. We invite you to come to our events and come spin our giveaway wheel and get some amazing prizes. We also invite you to learn more about each others companies and enjoy a laugh or two while engaging in some good company with each other. I want you to like our FB pages which are ALCOHAUL and DROPTHESPOTLIGHTS fb pages and become our fans and check out ALCOHAUL TWITTER page here.

So fans rejoice and check each other’s pages and see what kind of things you can enjoy from them. Businesses and companies, local artists or more that want to work with either Alcohaul or Drop the Spotlight, email us here and lets work together as we are now.

Alcohaul email is:

Drop the Spotlight email is:



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