Interview with Crystal Novas: Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Intuitive Coaching

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a great person with a great heart and hear from her how her abilities have helped the world and herself. This is Crystal Nova’s story through my interview with her and I hope you all enjoy it. For more information check out her website here:

1. What Made you become a Clairvoyant/Psychic Medium?
It isn’t so much as becoming one, it was part of who I was, and it became a big part of my life as my abilities begun to become much more stronger when I hit my late teens early 20’s. I could hear spirits voices, i could feel them, see them in visions clearly. I can read people’s feelings and pick up on people’s thoughts sometimes too.  I thought I was going crazy but I realized it isn’t that, it is just that I am able to use another sense that we have other than the 5 senses we’re all naturally able to use. At the early stages of my life as a child,  I had no knowledge on this subject, I didn’t even know it was considered “psychic abilities” that I had  until I become older and did more research about it.
2.       What can you tell us about people’s pain in today’s world?
A lot of people are being misled by society and what I mean by that is, it’s a variety of things such as the religions teachings, educational systems that are put into play here, what society ‘thinks’ we should be living or how we should do things, think etc. Most people are ‘taught’ things  and are programmed to not be able to think for themselves, and because of this, it causes people pain and suffering because most people think we have to fit into how the world is, if we don’t fit in we’r considered a ‘loser’ or the black sheep. The way we are brought up, has a huge impact on our spirit. We shouldn’t have to please anyone, this isn’t a competition between who is better than this other person. Most people think they have to always do better than other people, but the truth is, what makes you a good person is to be more accepting of people and realize that life isn’t just about going to a job, paying your bills every month, getting married than raising a child. Although the joy of having that is great but there is so much more people don’t take a deeper look at and that is where I come in to help open people and for them to see how beautiful the world is if they wake up and see what life is all about.  We’re here to learn the truth that has been hidden for centuries. It’s time we realize that there is more to this world than we we see, because what  we see, what we hear, has a huge impact on what to believe, what not to believe. It is time you choose to do your own thinking, do not let anyone influence that.
3.       Has there ever been a customer that you felt so strongly to help?
Yes I have had many, but there are so many that need help, I cannot help them all. There have been people that have walked away, still clueless of how to fix their problems and make it better for them and I just feel like I wasn’t the one that was supposed to help them, and I mean that in a way where not every single person that comes across to me is going to be able to be helped. What is going to happen will, despite if it is me that helps them, or they do it for themselves.  Each person has a choice and if they fail to make the choice, that is their choice to make. I do not force anyone for help, and I would never do that to anyone. I like to let them make that decision on their own.
4.       What are some stories you had doing your profession that you have profound effects on you?
Well, I do remember an amazing story that really impacted me a lot. I was working on a particular woman a few years ago. She came to me with depression and an illness. I had a friend that refereed her to me and she told me her situation, she’s been trying to get help with depression and an illness that she had been suffering for quite some time. It really affected her to the point she had given up in life.She’s even gone to many holistic treatments that couldn’t even help her. She just couldn’t find anyone to help.  I decided to perform a long distance healing session on her because I do work from home and so I work with people from all around the world, with different situations and her situation really touched me and I really wanted to do what I could to help her case. My friend told me that she had been going through depression for over 10 years and I just knew i had to try, so I did. As I performed her session. I get into a meditation state and visualize myself focusing on the client and visualize clearing her energy.  I wasn’t even 10 minutes into the session yet , I started to cry like I just cried and cried, i could feel all the pain this woman had been going through, I basically was letting out the emotions that she had gone through. I really feel i was able to get into her spirit and cleanse the spirit, . So I told my friend about this and she told me “crystal do not do it anymore” she did not want me to go through the pain she had as it was a huge impact on me yet I felt it was doing something to help . So I did stop. About a few days go by and I asked to see how she was doing and she told me that she noticed some improvements in her. After about a week or 2 she did not have the issue with her  illness that had been bothering her because she wasn’t able to eat much. I was also told that she felt more at peace and she felt like things in her life were starting to look back up. She thanked me and told me how much I did impact her life and she felt alive again as she had been going through such a struggle that she was happy I was able to change that for her. So, it really touched me and I loved that I was able to help shape up her life. he inspired me as an Adviser that I could help many others in similar conditions.
5.       Tell me more about yourself and your company?
I founded the company in 2011.  I own a shop on Etsy and I have my own website running as well. I offer Spiritual Healing, Psychic readings, Intuitive Coaching. I also create Psychic Reports which are long reports that are about 2 pages in length that can cover any area such as a past life reading, A relationship, or even  one around career.  On my Intuitive Coaching Program , it is basically me being hired to help you get through any obstacles you may be going through which could be in any area,  like a relationship,  trying to attract a relationship , or a career, or maybe you’re trying to move on from a relationship and need someone to be there to get you through it. Even things like fitness, how to eat more healthy, how food can change your body and spirit etc.  My website is
6.       Do you have any deals or free readings for any of your customers and what can you tell them about it?
I don’t offer free readings right now but I do a free consultation to see if I could help the situation for my Intuitive Coaching Programs. As well as healing Sessions that I also do.
7.       What are your plans for the future for your company and for yourself?
I eventually do want to host some Spiritual Retreats for my clients, so they can get to interact with me in person and enjoy my services in a comfortable atmosphere. It would be an awesome experience for all of us.
8.       Thank you for being part of this and is there anything you want to say for the readers?
Thank you for this wonderful interview. My message is. Don’t ever be afraid of expressing yourself, even if you do not feel that anyone around you understands you. You will find people that can relate to you, just be open minded and always question everything. It is important that you free your mind and you free yourself from society’s programming.


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