Free $3 CVS Extra Bucks by Downloading the new CVS App

Many people like to shop at CVS and enjoy there time there and enjoy the low prices. Now CVS is going to reward you by taking the next step and adding more easiness to your shopping experience. Well first you are going to 

be sure you have a CVS rewards card or an account online at

and then you will click this link : and download either the Apple or Google app that will work on your phone and then install in to your phone.

Then you will open the app and if you have an online account at then all you have to do is use your sign in information and it all do it for you.

If not, just click register and make sure you have your card handy and enter information from your card and yourself in there.

Once done and all registered, click the app and go to show card and deals, should have your card’s bar code on there and then scroll down and there should be your $3 Extra Bucks Rewards for downloading the myCVS app. You can send it to your card to use it button to use it or you can scan your card at the Reward Machine and it should print out. Enjoy


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