McDonald’s Free Fathers Day Breakfast June 21 5am to 11 am

From: June 21, 2015 5:00 AM *edit, call ahead, this may not be nationwide after all* 

To: June 21, 2015 11:00 AM

Free Father’s Day Breakfast!

During breakfast hours only, dine in only

Bring Dad for a free breakfast on Father’s Day

Free Breakfast Platter or Extra Value Meal and free coffee

Dad must be accompanied by a child.

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  1. What about single mom’s who play both roles bc dad is a deadbeat? I probably know the answer, but I want to put that out there.

  2. Come on people. Im a full-time single dad. No mom in the picture. I certainly did not get any freebies on Mother’s Day for playing both roles. Im sure i would be greeted with a “hell no”

    • My kids got all excited about this & our McDonald’s in Lebanon ohio didnt do it. They in fact were actually rude to my 8 & 6 year old who only had enough money to pay for their own food & got upset & left without anything because of the rudeness of the manager.

  3. i’m in the same situation as chris!!! father’s only, its Father’s day!!!! women always want a free ride, even on Father’s day!!! that is why there are so many deadbeats, want , want never satisfied!!!!!

    • Im a single mother playing both roles but I agree with the men…I had a mothers day and Father’s day should be just for the men who are true Daddys to their kids..I dont need to try to take father’s day away from the men who actually take care of their children because I had a child with a man who doesnt..Thank you McDonalds for appreciating the true fathers out there

  4. What if your child lives in another state and can’t be with you.? Not fair if they have to be with you . And you raised them 23 years.

  5. It shouldn’t be just “dine in”. A father is a father regardless of disability or health. Totally disrespectful. Hard enough for a wheelchair user or cancer patient to get in and out of a vehicle. McDonald’s should give EVERYONE a hard time and require birth certificates while they’re at it. And females, y’all had MOTHERS day. Get over it.

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