My Review of My Recent Purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB Phone

So on Saturday I went with to my local Verizon Wireless store and was looking around at the phones. I had some time to look around as the place was packed with people and I thought that is pretty cool.

When it was my turn to talk to the lady, I just saw a glimmer from one part of the phone area. I saw this amazing phone and just started to play around with it. I like how the handle was and how fast it was when I played around with the texting feature.

The thing that caught my eye was the camera, holy moly, the pictures looked incredible! I couldn’t recognize the person in front of me because I never seen myself look so crisp, so clear.

Once the lady came up to me, I had already made my choice and decided real quickly I wanted this phone. The lady helped me get onto the Verizon Edge program that seems really incredible and I was able to get a nice case and car charger as well.

Once I got home with the phone, I was so amazed on the things this phone does. I couldn’t believe this phone could do 3D pictures. Yes I know, a phone doing a 3D picture is unheard of and I’m glad I made the change and got this phone. Verizon thank you for introducing me to this phone and Samsung continue being the leader of all technology.

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