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Hello everyone, my name is Vic and I’m a blogger, product reviewer, music reviewer, founder of Drop The Spotlight.  I’m very creative and have ideas that will spark anyone’s imagination.

I am from San Antonio, TX but grew up in the Rio Grande Valley as a child and learned of what I know from my parents. I do enjoy going to the gym, interviewing celebrities, vendors, and artists, enjoy going to comic cons, trying out the newest technology, trying out the newest product, and hosting contests.

Read my blogs, join my contests, watch our Youtube and Twitch Videos and see what all the fuss is about, I’m a revolutionary person with my creative ideas, come join along and find out how to be apart of the world.  Email Vic



JP – Director of Operations and Creative Services for DTS Gaming Realm

My name is JP, I grew up a military kid and my Mother is from Sinapore. This experience taught me to appreciate the amazing differences of other cultures. A US Army vet, detention officer and a UTSA graduate. I truly believe that hardwork can conquer all. I am a big gamer in my part time. But I truly love producing and editing videos. Email Spartaprime


Monica – Beauty Expert

Hey guys my name is Monica and I’m Drop The Spotlight’s very own beauty expert. I am very fond of makeup, fashion, and more. I’m from a small town called Harlingen, TX and enjoy traveling all around the country to find the newest trends in beauty. I enjoy makeup, drinking Starbucks, and going to the beach. Email Monica

Dblock – Photographer / Influencer

Hey my name is Daniel, I am born and raised in San Antonio, TX . My Gamer tag is Dblock and I am the photographer for Drop The Spotlight. I am also a big collector of retro video games and horror movies as well as toys. I currently use the PS4 and also rock the pc games as well. Email Dblock 








A surveyor of new tech, new visions of life, new replica's of how our life is used and enjoys traveling, supporting local businesses and reviewing everything.

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