Killer Instinct for Xbox One *free limited download*

When I first got my Xbox One, there is this one game, I had to search for and hope that it was still there to download. I remember as a kid playing Killer Instinct with friends and enjoy my time with my super Nintendo. I now have an Xbox One and I did the search for the Killer Instinct on my Xbox One and found the game. The game was free to download, but it’s with a catch. You can only use one playable character per month but I didn’t mind, I was glad to be able to have the game. I was able to do my favorite combos such as awesome combo and other ones with similar yet funny names.

Jago is the one I have been using on my free download and its been good, been practicing his moves and learning to enjoy the game more. This game has provided me more nostalgia at times but I have enjoyed my time on and will purchase the full game when I’m provided with more funding from work.

So when you have time and space on your Xbox One reach over and click this game and enjoy it:

killer instinct xbox one
killer instinct xbox one


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