Ipad Black Screen of Death Fix

Do this at your own digression and don’t blame me if anything falters or breaks.

I have an older Ipad model, you know the huge one that isn’t connected to my phone company. I’ve had this for a few years already and every so often I would get the black screen of death.

I push the button and could still hear the Ipad work like it normally does but the screen is either black or you can see a fade color change.

Here are a few fixes I have tried either from the Internet or just messing around to try and get it working.

Usually the main problem with the Ipad is when one of the wires that connects the screen to the motherboard does tend to get loose and when you take it professionally to get it fixed, they can charge upwards of 300 dollars to snuggle fit that baby back in.

Here are the few ways I have used:

One, I have a Otter protective cover, so I have dropped this Ipad maybe from 2 to 4 feet from the air to the ground, back first, not where the screen is at and on carpet which is a tad softer. There are times where just doing this once, the screen will go back to normal. I have done different angles of the drop and at times this has worked as well. I recommend a short dropped, don’t throw it, just let it slide.

Second, tapped the area of the Ipad where the microphone jack is at, sometimes this helps it work because the camera is there and I have heard that there are times where the camera can malfunction.

Third, update your software, I haven’t update it for a while and once I did some of the problems have gone away, usually the Ipad is in a sleep mode and you will have to get siri to turn off the sleep mode by saying that phrase I just said.

Lastly, hold the power and home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds to do a hard reboot, some times that works as well when all above don’t work at times and vice versa.

Ipads are a great technological achievement but there are times even when this great tech leap can leave you feeling helpless just after a few hours.


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