WWE Network: Best Investment Ever

I am very big wrestling fan dating back to when WWE used to be called WWF. I also very enjoyed WCW and ECW when they were post in their prime back in the day and in today’s culture there isn’t much wrestling showcased on tv.

There is TNA on Destination America and NJPW on Axs channel and those are two great promotions with great wrestling on there but sometimes I like the old school type deal.

I got my card and paid $9.99 to use the WWE Network and I must say I’m very impressed, I have been watching WCW Nitro and also old school WWF Monday Night Raw.

As a wrestling fan, this is the holy grail of wrestling just here because of not only all the wrestling that there was out there but reminds me of a time when I would jump out of my seat after a move.

Everyone should be able to enjoy that moment and check out the WWE Network, sometimes they do promotions for a free month and I would recommend it.


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