Rome: The Fall of Rome Mixtape Review and Link

I’m a huge music lover and enjoy trying new things and follow a certain person on Instagram. Rome is a Houston based rapper with a solid taste of beats and lyrics that can make a hand clap.

Rome is promoting the debut of his mixtape on Datpiff and here is the link for you all to check out: and decided to download the album and check it out.

As a person that does reviews, I couldn’t make it past the third song which is called Exposed. Wow this song I just keep hearing over and over again should be on the radio right now. Satellite radio should be playing this song over and over because the lyrics are unique and the way he spreads out the lines make it seem so smooth yet crucial to his truth to his notes.

I’m very pleased by following my instincts by downloading this album and letting my ears enjoy this mammoth of mixtape proportions and to think, I haven’t even gotten past the third song.

You all need to follow your instincts and download this album and listen to it and be amazed as you will see a future superstar in the making in the vain of music.


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