Free E-books for college? Discounts with Amazon?

Yes you heard me right, you seniors finishing up high school and college students finishing up another semester of school wonder, what is next? What do you do for the summer?

Many people chose to be prepared by working and collecting materials needed for school to start.

Well let me cross two major things off your list.

Books can be quite expensive and sometimes its hard to carry those huge books around campus.

Here is bookzz that will help you out, here is there site:

They are an e-book website that has many books for free that you would need for school. All you have to do is search for the book you will be needing, sometimes they will have the book and sometimes they wont, but all in all, it can help you not waste too much money for that.

Amazon is another helper when you as college students is Amazon student. Here is the link:

When you sign up, you can get Amazon Prime *valued at 100 bucks*, Amazon music, Amazon Prime Tv and Movies all for 40 bucks. You should check when they have promotions for first time students and maybe for free for a year. All you have to do is provide school schedule, or school id to prove that you are a college student.

I love Amazon Prime as I get free 2 day shipping and get to watch my movies and tv shows on Amazon Prime TV and Movies.

So as a college student, every perk, every penny and every pack of ramen noodles count, so check out these two deals and be sure to bookmark them on your computer. You may never know when you might need a book or to watch that special show.


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