Destination America THE channel for TV today

Earlier this year, I took the plunge and added a secondary tier of channels from my cable provider all because I am a fan of Total Nonstop Action or TNA wrestling company.

I never heard of Destination America channel but still ordered it just because I wanted to check out the awesome wrestling I know TNA’s flagship show iMpact always provides and never disappoints.

As I waited for the wrestling to start, I began to watch some of the shows the network has and holy molly I was blown away. This channel is very diverse, very unique and showcases shows that not only satisfies my urge but makes me put away the remote and continue watching.

The current shows that have my curiosity are Ghost Asylum, Mountain Monsters, and Railroad Alaska. These shows have my curiosity and have been watching and soon my friends will be watching with me as well.

I am not too knowledgeable about how Destination America has come on but who ever decided to start this channel has hit a home run and soon this channel will not be part of my tier channel and be part of basic cable in no time.


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